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Renowned Chinese Nobel Prize Winner Mo Yan Explores the beauty of Kenya

Nairobi, Monday, August 14th 2023 - Kenya is strategically harnessing the allure of culture, safari, wildlife, and MICE offerings to enhance tourism engagement with Chinese travelers. 
This was said by Kenya Tourism Board Ag CEO John Chirchir during when he received celebrated Chinese novelist and Nobel Literature Prize Winner Mo Yan who is on holiday in Kenya. “China has undeniably become a pivotal source market that has greatly contributed to Kenya's thriving tourism industry. Our relationship extends beyond borders and cultures, and we are currently tapping into the interests of the Chinese travellers to drive more tourists into Kenya” said Chirchir
The Ag CEO added, "Mo Yan's journey through Kenya serves as a compelling affirmation of the growing affinity of Chinese visitors towards our nation. This remarkable convergence propels us to intensify our marketing endeavors, crafting tailored encounters that resonate with the discerning Chinese audience, thereby elevating our tourism sector."
Mo Yan is a renowned Chinese writer, known for his novels and short stories that often blend elements of magical realism, historical fiction, and social commentary. In 2012, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for his "hallucinatory realism" that merges "folk tales, history, and the contemporary." His Nobel Prize win brought international attention to his works, and he remains a prominent figure in contemporary Chinese literature.
Mo Yan’s visit in Kenya has transcended geographical boundary and language barrier, illustrating Kenya's concerted efforts to tap into the Interests that beckon Chinese travelers. Reflecting on his visit, Mo Yan said " I have so far visited the Masaai Mara, the vast grassland, Mombasa’, Nakuru and several other lakes destinations In Kenya. During this visit, I have met many Chinese tourists in Kenya. Many come here with their families, kids are having summer vacation and parents bring them here for sightseeing. I believe what attracts Chinese tourists to Kenya is viewing wild animals on the grassland as well as hippos and crocodiles in the rivers” Said Mo Yan
He added that he was impressed by the smooth management at the parks and the hospitality of the Kenyan people he interacted with.  “I hope that Chinese visitors coming to Kenya can relax and enjoy themselves. There’s no need to worry about being hurt by wild animals, because there are good security measures. And to my impression, animals, even lions and leopards, are friendly to mankind as long as you maintain the respect of their territories.  So, it’s safe to travel here. Secondly, the hospitality industry in Kenya of good quality, so there’s no need of worrying during your trip.”.
Kenya received 26,445 visitors from the Chinese market in the period June- July 2022/2023 which is an improvement compared to 23,115 visitors received in the same period the previous year.