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Unlocking Kenya's County Treasures

Unlocking Kenya's County Treasures: Embarking on a Journey of Discovery

At the Kenya Tourism Board, we're firm believers in the transformative magic of travel. Our nation's tapestry of beauty, cultures, and landscapes is a treasure trove meant to be shared with the world.

We're absolutely thrilled to introduce the 'Destination Marketing Series – County Edition,' an initiative that opens the doors to a vibrant tourism engagement platform for county governments and Kenya Tourism Board. The sessions have been meticulously crafted to empower county governments and private sector stakeholders with the insights and tools necessary to unearth export-ready gems and craft innovative tourism packages.

Empowering Counties for Boundless Tourism Success

The heartbeat of Kenya's tourism potential lies within its county borders. County Governments are the guardians of our invaluable tourism resources, weaving together unforgettable experiences and unveiling local wonders that beckon travelers from every corner of the globe.

County governments are the architects of the visitor's journey, their dedicated efforts shaping the very essence that the Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) showcases to the world. With the dawn of devolution, a new era has dawned – all 47 of Kenya's counties now possess the remarkable ability to harness the immense potential of tourism and contribute to an all-encompassing, thriving tourism industry.

Embarking on a Voyage – County by County

Hosted and curated by the esteemed Business Development Department at KTB, these sessions have become a cradle for innovative ideas to flourish within the realm of tourism development and promotion.

Our unwavering commitment to growth and collaboration is evident in our comprehensive schedule of training and roundtable discussions, commencing in the charming town of Ol Kalou in June and culminating in Kakamega in September.
"The 'Destination Marketing Series' isn't just an initiative; it marks a transformative voyage that thrusts Kenya's counties into the limelight of our tourism narrative. These county engagement forums embody our resolute dedication to fostering a sustainable and all-inclusive tourism sector – one that celebrates every nook and cranny of our remarkable nation." - John Chirchir, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Tourism Board.

To date, an impressive 26 counties have participated in the Destination Marketing Series, attended by their respective County Executive Committee Members in charge of Tourism, Chief Officers, and Directors.

“Our focal point has been nurturing imaginative products and creating experiences, with a special emphasis on place branding, product and experience branding, and quality labeling. By illuminating these aspects, our goal is to magnify the impact of our resources and cultivate an environment that nurtures growth and advancement within the dynamic tourism sector.” - Fiona Ngesa, Acting Director, Market Development.

Join us in embarking on this transformative journey, where each county's unique allure comes to life, captivating the hearts and imaginations of global explorers. Together, we're crafting a kaleidoscope of memories and experiences that will forever resonate throughout Magical Kenya's incredible landscapes.